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5 Signs it’s Time to Put Your Home on the Market

Putting your home up for sale can be a difficult decision to make. You might be wondering if market conditions are favorable or your emotional attachment to your home might be holding you back.

Here are signs it’s time to sell.


  1. Things are starting to feel cramped

Maybe your children are growing up or you’ve adopted a pet or you’ve started a new hobby (or you want to start pursuing a new hobby) – there comes a time when you feel like there’s simply not enough room in your home.

If your home feels too small, even after you’ve decluttered and tried freeing up some space, ask yourself if it can truly accommodate the lifestyle you’re leading now.

Renovating is an option– add a bedroom, clear up the attic, remodel the basement –but that might not work for everyone. If your home simply isn’t large enough, the only option is to sell and find a new one.


  1. Your home feels too big

You might also have the opposite problem – your home is too spacious for your needs. You may have pared down your belongings or your children have left home for college. You may have gotten divorced and now no longer need to accommodate another person. You might also find yourself traveling more and spending less time at home.

More space also means more upkeep. You might not be as interested in cleaning and maintaining such a large home. Whatever your circumstances, it’s time to sell if you feel like your home is just too big for you. A smaller home, or a lock-and-leave type of property might be a better alternative.


  1. The neighborhood has changed

A neighborhood can change dramatically over time. Perhaps a new property has blocked your view or a new development has increased the foot traffic on your street. Your old neighbors have moved away or you can no longer abide by the rules of your homeowners’ association. Construction work might be increasing noise levels as well.

If your neighborhood no longer meets your needs and is starting to feel less like home, then it’s time to prepare your property for a sale.


  1. You can afford to sell

It takes money to make money. If you have a budget for repairs and upgrades that add value to the property, then you should consider selling. Aside from making minor improvements, you’ll need enough funds to be able to pay for closing and moving costs.


  1. You’re in a seller’s market

If you’re in a hot market, you might want to sell before it cools off. Spring is usually a great time to sell in northern Virginia. That means you need to start preparing your home for sale as early as fall. The housing market in the Washington DC metro area also tends to be sensitive to government changes and upheavals, so keep your eyes and ears open.


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