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Home Exterior Maintenance Tips

Is your home due for a major facelift? Here are some exterior maintenance tips.


  1. Check the roof and attic

Take a look at the home’s roof construction to see if the framing, flashing and gutters, and ventilation are in good shape. Check for leaks, as well as any cracked or missing roof tiles. Keep an eye out for loose or missing nails and bolts. Remove any debris, such as branches and leaves that may have accumulated over time.

Stains on the ceiling may indicate that water has started seeping into your home. If there’s moss or mold on your roof, spray some remover or cleaner and scrub away with a brush.


  1. Look for structural issues

It’s also crucial to examine your home for structural issues. Check the foundation, walls, and floors in addition to the roof and ceiling. A professional inspector can detect any problems, allowing you to take action before issues become more difficult – and more expensive – to address.


  1. Get all systems checked

Have all your systems checked – these include chimneys, fireplaces, furnaces, water heaters, septic systems, and air conditioning units. Keep your chimneys and fireplaces clean year-round. Make sure that your heating and cooling systems are running at peak efficiency, especially when anticipating changes in the weather. Regular inspections and tune-ups will help keep them in excellent working condition.


  1. Don’t forget about the plumbing

Take the time to identify the kind of pipe materials that have been used throughout the property. If you have an outdoor kitchen, inspect the sinks and faucets to make sure everything is in order. The same goes for outdoor showers and garden faucets. If you have a garden fountain, you’ll also need to look into its plumbing and the condition of the pump.


  1. Inspect electrical work

If you have outdoor lighting fixtures in your front and backyard, get a professional to have electrical work inspected annually. Replace any lamps that have burned out and keep the fixtures clean.

Keep an eye out for corrosion – exposure to the elements will make outdoor lighting fixtures more prone to this. In some cases, you might need to replace heavily corroded fixtures. Not only are these an eyesore, it might also be cheaper to throw them out than to have them fixed.


  1. Get professional landscaping

Professional landscaping enhances curb appeal, making your home look desirable from the get-go. And if you enjoy being surrounded by gorgeous, well-maintained greenery, then you’ll definitely want to get it done. A landscape designer can help you choose the right plants and flowers, as well as come up with a layout that will maximize the space in your yard.


  1. Repaint the exterior walls

Check the exterior walls, doors, and window frames for cracks or peeling paint. You can spruce up your home just by giving it a fresh coat of paint. If there are small holes or cracks, make sure to fill those up, and remove any loose material from the walls.


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